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Intelligent commercial automation

Automation solutions for all types of commercial requirements

We can implement an unparalleled ecosystem with a range of open interfaces thanks to a huge portfolio of high-quality products, user-friendly applications, and intuitive programming software. As a registered Loxone partner, we can provide a fully-scalable solution perfect for MDUs, hotels, offices, and much more.

Apartments & MDUs

Loxone currently boasts installs in over 100,000 smart homes worldwide. However, their technology can also be found in more than just traditional family homes. Developers are using Loxone automation to satisfy their large-scale project requirements.

By choosing Loxone, we can help you increase the value and attractiveness of your development whilst also simplifying the installation and implementation process. From single occupant to large family homes, it is ideally situated as a smart solution for multi-dwelling units and apartments.

Smart monitoring and protection

We can help you by offering comprehensive functionality for the protection and monitoring of the building.

Fire and water

We'll install smoke detectors, water sensors, and temperature sensors to ensure your properties are constantly monitored.

Storm and frost

We can allow your building to automatically react when the weather changes and the wind speeds up by closing roof windows and retracting external shading.

Mould prevention

Avoid considerable damage to the interior and fabric of a building and mould growth, by monitoring humidity and controlling airflow.

Building management

Important data, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality can be recorded and collated and passed to building management staff automatically.

Intelligent assistance solutions

We can help configure unique applications for residents, based on their requirements for assisted living. For example, multi-room audio can deliver messages about open doors or windows for visually-impaired residents. Lights can flash and signal there is a visitor at the door for hearing-impaired residents.

For buildings for the elderly or infirm, or residents that need assistance in their home, the technology can offer an excellent service for unobtrusive monitoring.

Family members and carers can access monitoring information without interference and should a potential problem arise, they can receive a notification on their smartphone that something might be up.

Commercial Automation Assisted Living

Building maintenance simplified

Functionality that can simplify the management and continuous maintenance of MDUs and apartment buildings.

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Keep staff happy and increase the cost-effectiveness of your premises by automating your office or commercial premises. We will help you provide a more comfortable and relaxing environment for your employees.

Office and commercial building automation

Save employees’ time and eliminate the manual tasks each day. Let the building be how it should, all on its own.

Automatic shading

Intelligent shading that regulates itself depending on the temperature. We'll help you achieve the perfect room climate in your workspace for your employees.

Alarm system

Protect your property with an automated alarm system. When triggered, lights with flash, blinds will rise and loud alarm tones will be played internally and externally. Notifications will also be sent to nominated members of staff via phone.

Energy saving

Whether it's heating up the offices through radiators or letting the sun do the job in the morning instead, the smart system will determine which method costs less and therefore reduce energy bills and consumption.

Automated music

Have music playing as soon as someone enters the room, and then stop when it's empty. Play different music in different zones within the office and control via the app. Text-to-speech capabilities allow announcements to be made all across the building too.

Commercial Automation NFC

Secure access control

Access control to your building could not be easier or more personalised. Employees and even contractors can be given an NFC fob which grants them access to the relevant areas of the building during relevant times, so long as their permissions allow.

A cost-effective and more secure alternative to traditional keys, these NFC fobs can be placed onto key rings and if someone loses their fob or an individual needs their access revoked, simply deactivate their old one and reassign a new one (if required).

Tailored to office needs

We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, thanks to the freely programmable nature of Loxone, we’re able to offer each business an entirely tailored solution.

Commercial Automation Lighting

Lighting on-demand

Commercial Automation Locker System

Locker systems

Commercial Automation Canteen Payments

Canteen payments

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Hospitality businesses understand the importance of creating the right first impression. So, wow your clients and guests with smart building automation. Smart automation will allow your guests to interact with your business in a more personal and intuitive way. Not only that, but you will be able to unobtrusively automate and monitor automation in their rooms, for example, if required.

Troubleshooting can be done remotely and in the event of an emergency, instant notifications will allow you to react with immediate effect in the unfortunate detection of smoke or the notice of water, meaning you can take action to reduce damage and even save lives.

Hospitality automation solutions

Each individual room can be controlled by its own dedicated Loxone Miniserver – the brain behind smart automation. However, some functions can be managed remotely and controlled centrally from a master Miniserver.

Water and fire

Upon detection, the alarm sequence will be activated should it notice interference with the smoke detectors and water sensors.

Room temperature

Temperature sensors will record data and then notify relevant members of staff if there are any significant deviations.

Audio management

Music can be played from a variety of sources and will automatically stop when a room is emptied. Text-to-speech messages can be used for announcements.

Integrate existing software

Integration with your current management software is seamless. The benefits from this allow you to improve processes with less hassle.

Save energy and reduce costs

Hotel and catering hospitality sectors usually incur energy costs higher than anyone else. With automated heating, shading, lighting, and more, seamlessly working together, this reduces the overall consumption and therefore, the cost.

For example, during closing hours, unused devices and lights are automatically turned off in rooms not being used and the temperature is lowered outside of the working schedule. Ultimately, it works to help cut your costs and save your business money.

Commercial Automation Reduce Energy

Solutions that cater to your business

One of the many benefits of us installing Loxone is that you have unparalleled flexibility and you can manage a huge variety of things. For example, the control of saunas, individual hotel room requirements, music and lighting and much, much more.

Commercial Automation - Hotel Room
Commercial Automation - DJ
Commercial Automation - Sauna
Commercial Automation - Waiter

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Custom Applications

We can offer high-levels of automation, regardless of how different, complex or unique your project may be. The system we install is intelligent enough to process detailed logic meaning that any specific or individual requirements are no problem whatsoever.

Automatic processes for unique requirements

Commercial Automation Custom Applications

Good examples of unique Loxone project solutions include:

Automated parking system with pneumatic bollard control

Automatic locking of the pumps at a petrol station if the CCTV cameras are disabled or malfunction

Server monitoring via periodic ping request and a subsequent phone call if downtime is detected

Automatic rain-dependent irrigation of a football pitch

Level monitoring and alarm in automatic car wash

Temperature monitoring and control to maintain the cold chain in a large butcher’s shop

Completely scalable for larger projects

For larger projects, multiple Loxone Miniservers – the brains behind smart automation – can be merged together in a group to increase capacity and enable automation on a bigger scale.

Commercial Scalable Solution

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