Clever technology at your fingertips

A smart home is a smart choice

Imagine living in a home that thinks as you do and continuously works to make your life easier.
A Loxone Smart Home is the solution you never thought you needed, but won't be able to live without.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is an intelligent home that works with you and works for you.

Smart automation in your home can save your family up to 50,000 tasks each year, giving you more time to spend on the matters more important to you.

A smart home can intuitively control your home’s lighting, heating, security, multimedia, shading, energy management and much, much more.

A smart home knows what to do

Spend your time on the things that are important to you and your family and let your smart home take care of the rest. It's your life, simplified.

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Intuitive, intelligent control

Living with a smart home is intelligent and intuitive. Your home will think the way you do. If you ever feel like changing something, one click on a smart switch or a tap on a smartphone or tablet is enough to do carry out the task.

At Loxone, they truly believe in keeping the essential functions in the home, like still turning the lights on and off from a simple switch on the wall. Therefore, we ensure to keep that belief and to make your smart home as friendly and familiar as possible.

Meeting the occupants’ needs

A smart home is designed to cater for the needs of its occupants, carrying out tasks according to programmed schedules and by taking into account such things as the current season, the weather outside and if anyone is in the building.

It adapts and changes to perfectly suit your lifestyle. It thinks the way you do and will intelligently know to do something, even before it crosses your mind. It happily takes care of thousands of tasks for you. Automatically managing the temperature, music, lights and everything else in between.

The essentials: must-haves in every smart room

In order for your smart home to operate efficiently and intelligently, it requires information to ensure its makes the best decisions. These three devices are the most crucial sensors and sources of information, without which, you really wouldn’t be able to create a true smart home.

Residential developments and modular homes

Smart Home MDU Development

Developers of multi-dwelling units and community-oriented developments turn to Loxone as their solution for home automation.

Established modular housing manufacturers offer Loxone Smart Home technology as standard in their projects.

Whatever your automation requirement, we can help you!

Smart Home Modular Housing

Let's discuss your smart home automation project

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The Miniservers - intelligence, materialised

The unmistakable brain of a Loxone Smart Home. The complete control of devices and processing of logic in a Loxone Smart Home is all done by the Loxone Miniserver. The Miniserver is the one pulling all the strings and is the one controlling the communication between your components. Whether you have installed wired or wireless devices, or perhaps a combination of the two – it predicts and expects the habits, commands, and needs of a home’s occupants, creating a unique environment that is both comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable - and we can install one for you!

Loxone Miniservers