Endless audio and visual possibilities

Streamlined multi-room music and video

A better way to experience audio. Take complete control with a fully-integrated multi-room audio system.
Enjoy high-definition entertainment and TV throughout with incredible pictures.

Your music on the move

Music has been proven to reduce stress and make you happier. With a multi-room audio system, you can create the perfect atmosphere. Set unique playlists so that your favourite music is always with you, be woken up by a certain song, customise your very own doorbell and much more.

Multi-room audio systems remove spatial limitations such as a radio in one room, a CD player in another, and makes it possible to freely transfer and listen to music from room to room.

HD viewing like never before

An integrated HD video system can provide instant access to multiple Sky HD boxes, DVD and Blu-Ray libraries, games consoles and more, allowing you to watch any video source in any room you like.

We will neatly store all major video equipment in a centrally located AV rack around the house to avoid any unnecessary clutter. A high-definition multi-room TV system allows for simple, intuitive, and flexible viewing in glorious HD quality.

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